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United Brethren is currently on blog sabbatical.

United Brethren

October 2004: United Brethren is born, the only child of Headlife, Ronan's expat life blog.

United Brethren blogs the Mormon text and image from an international (British-European) perspective. Its name and subtitle intend to do honour to the thousands of British Mormon converts of the mid-19th century in Ronan's neck of the woods. The "United Brethren" were a group of Primitive Methodists who converted en masse to Mormonism through the ministry of Wilford Woodruff in Herefordshire and Worcestershire; Benbow's Pond was their famed baptismal spot. The title picture is of the Gadfield Elm chapel.

(There are various other United Brethren's out there with no connection to Mormonism. I can only offer my condolences to them for this site's google rank. There is also the Apostolic United Brethren, Utah's second largest polygamous group. Alas, no connection there either.)

United Brethren has seen the birth of the Mormon Archipelago (of which UB was a founder member) and put Rebecca and John C. on to the road to stardom. We even lured the inimitable Fowles here for a time. Thanks to all those who have read, written, commented, and guest blogged (Sahar).

You can contact United Brethren via email. If you want some Ronan action elsewhere, visit By Common Consent, Kulturblog, and the Bloggernacle Times. Visit too, Archipelago: a Mormon Studies e-Journal.

January 2006: Awaiting a return to the Old World, United Brethren goes into hibernation.

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