Stu and Gitmo (WWSD?)

Such is the power of headlife that whenever I have snarky thoughts about American policy I wonder how Stu will come back at me. So, I know that Stu will reject the anti-American politicization of the UN report that slams Guantanamo. "The investigators didn't even go to Guantanamo," opines Stu (in my head). "This is just half-baked cock-and-bull."[1] But....

Allegations of torture aside [2], there's just something fishy about telling the UN they can come to the camp, but they can't interview detainees. Also, that the ICRC can monitor the camp but not publish its findings. Come on Stu-in-my-head, something's dodgy here.

Most damning is the rejection of that beautiful Anglo-American principal of habeas corpus. It's the American way, man. Imprisonment without trial just ain't American.

1. I doubt Stu would say "cock-and-bull." But he does in my head.
2. I don't think force-feeding someone is torture if not force-feeding them means they will die.