Iranians hate Brits more

In Britain, the consensus view is that the Anglo-American "special relationship" works one way, that the UK is, in effect, America's poodle. In a typical display of paranoid weirdness, the Iranians beg to differ (ht: Adam). Apparently, Britain is more hated than even the Great Satan. America is only the "marionette with Britain pulling the strings."

Colonial meddlings by the British have meant that "it was the British" has become an expression used by Iranians to explain all misfortunes. Even when these misfortunes are believed to be caused by Americans, Britain is still the "ringmaster." The UK is so sneaky that even "whenever its secret intentions — in conspiring against others — are somehow revealed, it takes totally friendly positions, that are against America's positions, regarding Iran; and when everything is back to normal, it follows up its previous hostile positions."