False dichotomies

Rant warning:

The genius of Bush II (cf. Rove, Karl) is to paint all these false dichotomies, which, in Middle America, must make him look so righteous. Take the State of the Union address re: domestic spying:

Bush: If Al Qaeda are making calls to this country, I wanna here 'em! (Implication: the Dems don't want us to spy on Al Qaeda. Pinkoes!)

So, the Republicans roar him on (and Middle America says, "damn right, Mr. President"), civil libertarians tear out their hair and the Dems slink in their seats, looking like wussies.

But it's not the whole point, is it? Yeah, spy on the bastards. We all support that. All we is sayin', sir, is that we don't mind you listening to terrorists, but please have some kind of judicial oversight, after the fact if necessary. I hate seeing Americans roll over and give up all this power to the President. This is the freest country in the world. Don't lose that, you idiots! (And Dems, find a way of getting this message across otherwise you're doomed. BushSpeak just sounds better in most ears.)