Ken Clarke and the Tories

If Ken Clarke wins the Conservative leadership contest I will join the Tory Party.

Yes, you heard it here first. Ronan will become a card-carrying Tory.

Is Ken Clarke the Messiah? No. Are his tobacco-company proclivities a little on the dodgy side? Yes. Is he really an "ordinary bloke"? Not on your life. But in poll after poll he comes up as the public's favourite candidate and the Tory for whom they would be most likely to vote. So it's obvious really: if the Tories are serious about winning the next election they will choose Clarke. If they are happier with a Tory ideologue and couldn't give a damn about winning, they'll choose another Hague/IDS/Howard clone.

I'm not writing the cheque just yet. The Tories seem likely to continue their suicidal streak.