Courting charges of hypocrisy

The US State Department has decided to withold aid from Serbia and Montenegro because of "failure to cooperate" with the international war crimes tribunal in the Hague. There is no question that Serbia should submit to the tribunal's demands to hand over Ratko Mladic, but isn't it the US who itself refuses to sign-up to the International Criminal Court?
Said Bush about the ICC, "I think it would be bad for our troops to have to be, you know, facing an unaccountable prosecutor in a foreign land". Er, might that also not be Serbia's concern too? Is it one rule for us and one for them? But of course, we're the good guys so it's ok....

But, Mladic is a certifiable Bad Guy. I just wish the US would hire a PR firm. Its unilateralism (real or perceived) makes it easier for other countries to not play by the rules: "if the US won't do it, why should we?"