Stupid, stupid Democrats

My God, are the Democrats stupid. Slow kid in class stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And this coming from one. Why has it taken a complete electoral route for the Democratic Party to finally understand that they, or should I say we, don't speak to the vast majority of Middle America. The urban Northeast and West coasts and the industrial upper Midwest (though not so much anymore), sure, but not that vast landmass in between the two. Of late, by which I mean the past week, there has been much hand-wringing among liberal pundits about how the left can no longer speak the language (metaphorically) of much of the non-urban/rural components of our society. If they've just figured that out we deserved to lose. Most people don't think about policy everyday. They don't ponder the nuances of Arab culture or pH levels of watershed areas. They do, however, pray. They send their children to die in our wars at a higher rate than the effete liberal establishment. Nick Kristoff, I believe, pointed out that liberals are more interested in religion in Afghanistan than in Alabama. An astute observation, and one the left would do well to take heed of. While I am adamant about the separation of church and state, some might say rabid, the importance of spirituality in American society cannot be ignored. Instead, the left has to learn to use its imagery and metaphors in transmitting their message as the Republicans do so masterfully. I make no apologies about my political stances and unequivocally believe I am correct and the Right is as wrong as wrong gets. The new challenge of the left is to explain to Middle America why this is so, being always mindful of the things that they hold dear and the lens through which they see the world.