Of itchy trigger-fingers and beheaded aid workers


Headlife people--I've been consumed by a project that has me going from 7 am to 11 pm for most of the last week and probably for the next couple. Sometimes I eat.

In the meantime I thought I'd contribute this little op-ed from the London Times. I don't think that the Marine shooting incident in Fallujah is a minor thing, but I do wish it were more openly discussed that there is a double-standard. There should be double-standard, I'm fine with it, and we should be comfortable with it. But the media (revisiting a favorite subject on this blog), especially the broader Western media identified by this editorialist should stop pretending that all their subjects are treated equally. And I do believe the outrage generated by this single incident is more than a little disingenuous--it actually got more press than the beheading of Margaret Hassan. How sick is that?