The Really Troubling News

Is that this seems to have been (yet another) coordinated deception from the Dan Rather corner of the media. As it turns out, those explosives had ALREADY gone missing when US military arrived at the sight in April, 2003. Somehow CBS and the NY Times got the brilliant notion that they would repackage that information into 'troubling' current news.

Shocking and false as it is, in other circumstances I would think this kind of deceit was a little amusing. As it stands the confirmed inaccuracy has not stopped JK and JE and their earnest followers from furrowing their brows and acting very concerned about this oh-so-troubling bit of non-news.

And Sinclair Broadcasting can't run a documentary because it is politicized and partisan? Nothing is more politicized and partisan than the way the broadcast mainstream news sources choose to edit, artfully misrepresent, and distort (click on link).