Opening Gambit--the Stuart Stance

Headlife People--

Having landed on this excellent new blog amid a vicious political season (and planning on having plenty of exhilirating tangles in this forum) I feel obligated to offer a littel positioning statement.

I sometimes say that I am a California Republican and a Utah Democrat. This means that I edge, in the balance, towards Tony Blair's "radical center." But on some issues I fall clearly on the right, others decidedly to the left. I believe that Ann Coulter is a talking-points-whore who should be confined at Guantanamo. I think Michael Moore's "documentary" work is on a par with Leni Riefenstahl's, only markedly less sincere. I worry that George W Bush is not a very bright man, and wish that John McCain were the Republican candidate. I am convinced that John Kerry is the most cynically calculating power-slut we've ever seen in presidential politics, and I have been given no reason to think that he actually believes anything other than that he should be president.

I also believe that the New York Yankees should be added to the Axis of Evil and that George Steinbrenner's assets should be frozen.

That's the rough picture, there will be more from me.