Isabel blew and we survived!

At mid-day on Thursday Hopkins closed. I went home and waited with Becky for the arrival of our first hurricane. I have to admit that it was quite exciting, and the masochistic streak in me was praying that it wouldn't be an anti-climax. So when it was downgraded to a 1 as it hit North Carolina, I was a tad disappointed....This has been a year of extreme weather for us (record snows in February, the super-hot English summer), and I wanted to notch-up a hurricane.

The wind steadily picked up and by the early evening it had begun to rain. Around tea-time, our power started to go on and off; this scared Jacob so we let him sleep in our room. We were glued to the TV, watching Isabel's track as it came north. I found it ironic that Bush escaped to Camp David, and it was in western Maryland (where Camp David is) that Isabel was heading. You can run W....

I woke up once in the night and admired the howling wind. The power continued to fluctuate but never went off altogether. In this respect we were lucky as half of Baltimore lost all power. Around here the trees were shaken of their leaves and a few branches fell. That was it. No damage. We're high enough that we weren't affected by the flooding either.

So that was Isabel. Next time I want to be in the Eye, man!