Truman National Security Project

I met yesterday with a rep from the Truman National Security Project, a Democratic think tank in DC that is relatively new but is coming on strong.

I was blown away by the clarity and honesty of their vision. If John Kerry had managed to frame and articulate a view of American foreign policy this candid and this thoughtful he might have got my vote in 2004. If Joseph Biden does the same he might well get my vote in a general in 2008. If Hillary Clinton does the same....well I'm one of the 51%. Hillary will have to pay me a personal visit to get my vote under any circumstances.

EVERYONE who has any interest in US foreign policy should read this paper:

It makes the most unprejudiced assessment I think I have ever seen of both the weaknesses of Republican foreign policy and the many hypocrisies and inconsistencies that the Democrats entertain. Pay attention to these guys--if they manage to shift Democrats over to this kind of position in 2006 and 2008 (as is their aim) you might get some people crossing lines.