New Concerns?

Earlier, we all got in a bit about how perhaps objections about the UAE's running US ports was just a Democratic smoke-screen. Even a few far-left New York Times columnists (witness Nick Kristoff's recent op-ed piece) have gotten in the act.

Is the UAE port deal safe for the US? I still don't know. However, I argued that when Bush and his sycophants tell us that it is, we should be worried. And now, I see that the US Coast Guard is having reservations about the deal. In other words, the people who actually do the security part don't quite buy the line that things are safe.

Does this mean that we shouldn't do it? I don't know. Tragically, I don't have the information (or the time!) to do the research. Thus, I'm left leaving the decision to other people. But when it's the Bush crowd making the choice, it frightens me.