Proving that journalists lean (i.e. practically falling over) left

Lancer asked for some sourcing on my claim that 80% of journalists describe themselves as liberals. The numbers below vary but in all of them a couple of things remain consistent--American journalists are overwhelmingly to the left of the American mainstream, vote overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates.

  • A comprehensive study published in 1981 by the nonpartisan Center for Media and Public Affairs showed that 54 percent of elite journalists identified themselves as liberal but only 19 percent as conservatives. In every presidential election between 1964 and 1976, at least 80 percent of them voted Democratic.
  • A 1996 study of Washington bureau chiefs and congressional correspondents by the independent journalism foundation Freedom Forum found that 89 percent of them voted for Bill Clinton in 1992, and just 7 percent for George Bush. Sixty-one percent said they were liberals, only 9 percent conservatives; 50 percent were Democrats, only 4 percent Republicans.
  • In a new Pew study, 34 percent of national journalists describe themselves as "liberal," compared with 22 percent in 1995. Only 7 percent of reporters say they are conservative at present. For the general public, the results are reversed: 33 percent of Americans call themselves conservatives; 20 percent, liberals.