World Cup draw looms

Now that the obtuse folks over at FIFA have come up with their plans for the World Cup draw, we can get things started. The drama takes place December 9th (with Heidi Klum (?)), and you can follow it live on FIFA's website.

The Top 8 seeds are: Brazil, England, Spain, Germany, Mexico, France, Argentina, and Italy. What this means is that these 8 teams will each headline a group of 4 teams. Thus, none of these teams will meet until the elimination stage. This is good news for them, because it increases their chances of advancing. The bad news? There are still plenty of really good teams that are going to end up in the Group of Death. Teams still out there include the US (which was 9th in the seeing-- almost!), Netherlands, Portugal, the Czech Republic, and South Korea.

Good luck to anyone in Brazil's group-- they've been number one forever, and are still loaded. Most over-rated is Mexico. Don't get me wrong-- they're good. But away from Aztec Stadium and its elevation of over 6,000 feet (!) they are not a top ten team.

More excitement to come!