To plan, or not to plan

As everyone here knows, my biggest beef with this Administration and Iraq isn't why we went to war, but what we did afterwards. In short, things have gone spectacularly wrong, much to the detriment of US interests and, of course, Iraqi citizens. (OK, fine, and Assyriological interests, too.)

Anyhow, when I read comments like these from our Secretary of Defense, I admit, I'm concerned:
It could be, it could be. I mean, I was very careful. I never predicted any number of deaths or the cost or the length because I've looked at a lot of wars, and anyone who tries to do that is going to find themselves wrong, flat wrong.
Really? No estimates? Nothing?!? Nevermind that Rummy's fibbing a little, I find it amazing to think that we'd go to a war in this way and not ask hard questions about cost, casualties, and length of stay.

I just have trouble wrapping my head around this. Don't you want flow charts of if-then contingencies? Estimates of Best-/Worst-case scenarios? Don't you want goals and targets? Who's in charge here? Why is this guy still in charge?!?