Nancy Pelosi: More than an Ignorant [...]?

I concede that she is that much. But is she more?

OK, yes it's true I have generally been an advocate of greater civility in political discourse. And this might constitute what some would call "hypocrisy." And I won't blame Ronan if he decides to censor this post and put me on blog probation.

But I've come to a realization. I'm not as much about more civility as I am about less partisan posturing. In this respect I consider Tom Delay to be an Ignorant Slut on a par with Nancy Pelosi.

But when I see Nancy on the Daily Show answering a question about "why the Bush admin went to war in Iraq" with something utterly ricockulous like "well GWB had a hankering for a war in Iraq and he was going to go no matter what and he needed the WMD story to make Americans buy it" I think (a) "how does anyone take this crap seriously?" and then, after glancing over my shoulder, (b) "holy Shiite, a whole bunch of people ARE taking it seriously." It's a source of daily amazement (at least it helps keep my sense of wonder alive!) that anyone could avoid seeing the tangle of implausibilities and absurdities and bed buddies (Jordanian intel and Israeli intel joining hands to tell us the same exact thing about Iraqi weapons, anyone?) that would have strung together to make this "Bush just wanted a war" line believable. But they do. Every day they do.

In another post we'll look at those implausibilities in detail. Until then, Nancy--good night and give up.