71% of Iraqis say lives are going well

Well since my esteemed colleague Brian Gruber chose to quote the ABC/Oxon International polling research to show that Iraqis "want us to leave" Iraq, I thought I'd offer the rest of what was there. Have a read and you will be surprised to find that the bulk of the indicators are actually positive.


The section addressed by Brian reveals a few finer points that his comment might have neglected--i.e. that only a quarter of Iraqis actually think U.S. forces should "leave now". And by simple math you will notice that more Iraqis (52%) think Coalition forces should stay for a while than those that think they they should go in the near future:

"Specifically, 26 percent of Iraqis say U.S. and other coalition forces should "leave now" and another 19 percent say they should go after the government chosen in this week's election takes office; that adds to 45 percent. Roughly the other half says coalition forces should remain until security is restored (31 percent), until Iraqi security forces can operate independently (16 percent), or longer (5 percent)."