Who said this?

"How Close is the peril of Iraqi WMD? Today or at the most within a few months, Iraq could launch missile attacks with chemical or biological weapons against its neighbors (albeit attacks that would be ragged, innaccurate, and limited in size). Within four or five years it could have the capability to threaten most of the Middle East and parts of Europe with missiles armed with nuclear weapons containing fissile material produced indigenously.... and to threaten US territory with such weapons delivered by nonconventional means, such as commercial shipping containers. If it managed to get its hands on sufficient quantities of already produced fissile material, these threats could arrive much sooner."

Damn. That's pretty alarming (or alarmist?) stuff. Nuclear capability. Threatening the US with nonconventional attacks in a few years. Now, right now, threatening neighbors in the Middle East. That's actually more alarming than anything else on the record.

So who said this in testimony to Congress in March of 2002? No one named Condi, Dick, George, Paul, Colin, Don or Scooter. His name is Robert. Robert Einhorn. He was Bill Clinton's assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation. And what he is sharing there is the view held by the Clinton administration, the view that led the Clinton admin to conceive its own plan for a preemptive invasion of Iraq. You can read about it in this article from Ken Pollack (http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200401/pollack) another Clinton National Security aid.

More persuasively than anything else, this article exposes the absurdity and cynicism of the "Bush Lied" polemics.