Thank You Joseph Lieberman

Joe, if you're reading Headlife right now (I know you check it regularly) I just want to say "thanks". I know you've got bad hair and a non-chin but in spite of these obstacles you have proven to be a true mensch.

Thanks for your article this morning in the WSJ (for which I can't currently find a link).

Thank you for making a visit to Iraq and returning to reject the partisan impulse. Thank you for being the first credible Democratic leader in a long time to stop looking at electoral gains and start considering both moral and strategic imperatives in the Iraq War. Thanks for calling out sissy Republicans who have started making similar calculations.

Thank you for penetrating the hysterical haze of negativity and politics that have obscured urgent facts on the ground and for framing the historic struggle in Iraq for what it is--the fate of 27 million Iraqis pitted against 10,000 Islamofascist medievalists.

Thank you for observing and crediting their courage in voting in huge numbers, in building civil society and in establishing a beachhead for a Muslim alternative. Thank you for noting the achievement of the Coalition in creating the environment where this (and a general sense of change in the Middle East) could take root.

Above all thank you for exploding the notion (by reporting the direct pleas of Iraqi leadership) that we should be seriously considering a full (premature) withdrawal from Iraq just at this critical juncture.

If you run for president in 2008 you might just get my vote.