Thank goodness for our President!

It looks like those horrible people over in the US Senate passed a huge bill calling for $60 billion in tax cuts for ultra-weathy Americans. Normally, I'm fine with this. Particularly when programs for greedy poor people-- like Medicaid and foodstamps, or for undeserving middle class kids looking for student loans, should be cut. But I get really mad when I hear that those people are going to stick it to Big Oil: "The largest oil companies, nevertheless, would be hit with about $4.3 billion in taxes through a change in accounting methods."

The good news, though, is that our President is threatening to veto this bill. After all, we must protect Big Oil. Their profits, as I understand it, were kind of high this last quarter, but that doesn't mean that we need to find new ways to generate revenue. Again-- why do middle class kids need student loans? So thanks, Mr. President, for keeping America focused on the priorities that matter to the average citizen: tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy, gutting programs for the poor and middle class, and making sure that Big Oil doesn't pay too much during years when they reap unimaginable profits!