Dr. Who?

So I don't know how many of you are familiar with Dr Who-- an old British Sci-Fi that ran from 1963 through the 1980's-- but I used to love it. When I was a kid, the Public Television station we got used to run episodes of the Fourth Doctor late Sunday night. I must have lucked into it because the first epidose I ever recall seeing was in the middle of the Robot plot, which happens to have been the first series of his run. I had the biggest crush on Sarah Jane (OK, but I was in my early teens), and later on the first Romana. I know that the special effects were bad (even for the early 80's!). Horrible actually. But the plots were good, and the science fiction-- the universe the writers created for the Doctor-- was really great.
I bring it up now because now, almost fifteen years after the Seventh Doctor had his last adventure, the BBC (well, the BBC Wales, anyway) is bringing it back. The new doctor looks like he'll be good enough, and his companion seems, well, worthy of having a crush over. The only problem? The fan site here reports that at present no US television station has agreed to air it when it starts early in 2005!

I don't know if anyone watching those old shows now would enjoy them as much as I did as a kid. (I have seen a few recently on DVD and as much as I love it, I sometimes cringe at the effects!) But if you haven't seen it, you should (I recommend the Fourth Doctor, of course) if you get the chance. And if you are a fan, we should start a huge letter-writing campaign to, say, the Sci-Fi Channel go get them to show it!